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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Made for television

From the New York Post-

March 6, 2007 -- A renowned hedge-fund honcho hatched a heinous revenge plot against his former mistress by posing as her on the Internet - saying she wanted to be kidnapped and raped as part of a sicko sex fantasy, officials said yesterday.

Albert Hsu, 43, a wealthy, married dad of two and former Cub Scout leader, posted his fiendish ad on a hardcore, S&M Web site, Connecticut authorities said.

He allegedly included the woman's name, photo, address, license-plate number, train schedule to and from work and even the rail car she usually sits in.

"The defendant set the victim up to be abducted and raped by a complete stranger," prosecutor Ricki Goldstein said in Norwalk, Conn., Superior Court.

Hsu, who co-founded Anchor Point Capital in New York City after overseeing billions in investments for everyone from Xerox to Atlantic Philanthropies, meticulously planned the scheme down to the last detail, officials said.

Posing as his ex in the "ad," he allegedly begged anyone responding to not contact her or give her a head's-up before the attack because it "would ruin the fantasy" for her.

His motive appeared simply to be pure "hate," Goldstein said.

She said Hsu had already lined up one potential attacker and has confessed to the crime.

The investor was held in lieu of $750,000 bond after being busted Friday, but a judge jacked up the amount to $1 million at his arraignment yesterday.

Such a nice guy Mr. Hsu is. NOT! This sounds perfect for a Law & Order episode, I'm just making a bet the criminal will be white whenever that episode is made. They did it for this episode, so why not this story also.

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