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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is former Florida Highway Patrol trooper Kevin Kane. He gets the award for the following.

FORT PIERCE — A Florida Highway Patrol trooper gave his resignation to a supervisor Sunday as police arrested him for allegedly abusing his pregnant wife.

Kevin Kane, 39, held his wife in a headlock, according to an arrest report. Victoria Roberts-Kane is seven months' pregnant.

She told police she found a letter from Kane's ex-wife and suspected he was talking with her, based on a cellphone bill. When she confronted him at their Fort Pierce home, he cursed at her, ordered her out of the room and then threw a laundry basket of clothes, the report says.

Kane grabbed his wife's arms, breaking her bracelet, and then threw her to the floor and grabbed her in a headlock, according to the report. Roberts-Kane yelled to their 8-year-old son and asked him to call 911.

Roberts-Kane said her husband abused her once before and he told her police wouldn't believe her because he works in law enforcement, the report says.

When officers arrived, Kane told them, "Just take me to jail," according to the report.

He has been a trooper for 14 years.
Kane who has been in 9 car crashes while on the force, won't be missed. There is almost never a reason to strike or put a woman into a headlock and no reason at all if she happens to be pregnant. This ex-officer assaulted two lives not one, and that makes Kevin Kane today's Knucklehead of the Day.

Note- South Florida Blogger Tere leaves me a comment asking if I was joking about the words almost never. I wouldn't strike a woman unless if I felt my life or a family member's life was at stake or great bodily was imminent.

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