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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Civil Rights

For criminals. From the Daily Telegraph-

Police have warned householders to watch out for three convicted burglars, but cannot issue descriptions of the men for fear of breaching their human rights.

Officers believe that the trio - described as prolific criminals - will go back to their old ways on their release from prison and have told residents in west Suffolk to keep windows and doors locked. Police say the men will be closely monitored and have help from the probation and drugs advice services to help them break the cycle of re-offending.

But last night Norman Brennan, of the Victims of Crime Trust, said: "If the police are so concerned that three burglars are likely to re-offend, then surely these people should be identified by photographs. Why does the Human Rights Act give way to those that commit the crimes?"

Last month Northumbria Police refused to disclose what five suspects were wanted for despite posting their names and photographs on the force website. It feared breaching their human rights.

If they broke the law, they violated other people's civil rights. This is just legal lunacy, or lazy police who don't want to be bothered.

What do you think?

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