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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No surprises

Last night's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit did a fictional version of the Melinda and Trenton Duckett story. Since that show often admits episodes are 'ripped from the headlines', last night came as no surprise.

What was no surprise either was that the mother and child were both white. Hollywood and Television have a terrible time portraying Asians. If they do, it is often stereotypes. Women walking behind their husbands or pushy aggressive parents. Other than this one show, there has never been Asian themed prime-time show. Maybe that isn't a bad thing after all.

On a side note there is nothing new to report in the disappearance of Trenton Duckett. This was the last news in the case, if you call it that. I'm afraid the boy is dead, and most likely his mother took the secret to her grave.

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