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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pounding my head against the wall

Has it been a week yet since I last said the Golf MSM was clueless and mistake prone? Ok it has only been five days.

Error prone golf writing isn't just a US happening, but international also. Lim Han Ming writing for The Electric new paper says the following about Grace Park, Asia's Captain in this week's Lexus Cup.

The Korean has won six times on the LPGA Tour, but her last victory came at the 2004 Kraft Nabisco Championship.

This year, her playing time has been curtailed by a series of injuries. Her best finish was a fifth-place at the Kraft Nabisco Championship.

There are two mistakes in those three sentences.

1- Grace Park's last win was the 2004 9 Bridges in South Korea not the Kraft Nabisco.

2- Her best finish in 2006 was a tie for 35th at the Kraft Nabisco.

Again- Is fact checking ever done by the golf MSM?

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