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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Aren't idiot and greedy burglar the same thing?

From the Bradenton Herald-

BRADENTON - A new way to break into homes and businesses has made its way onto law enforcement's radar as local police suspect it has been used to steal from a series of Bradenton apartments.

Bradenton Police Det. Tony Cerniglia said he believes a burglary ring was behind a string of November break-ins at 210 Watermark apartments, in the 200 block of Third Street West.

The "ring" has struck several counties and is using "bump keys," to gain entry, according to Cerniglia.

A "bump key" is a key cut to slide into most locks. Once the key is in the lock, a blow from a mallet or similar object slips the pins in the lock up just long enough to turn the key.

The use of a "bump key" to break into a lock is relatively unknown to residents and even law enforcement, according to Cerniglia.

"I just learned last week that they existed investigating this case," he said.

When Cerniglia began investigating the Watermark break-ins, he found no signs of forced entry but more than $100,000 worth of televisions, computers and cash were missing from eight apartments. All of the burglaries occurred on Nov. 30 between 1 and 4 p.m.

The burglars worked smoothly and there looked to be little go on. In one instance, a burglar took a picture out of a locket and left it behind. But he stole the locket.

"They are not idiots, I can say that," Cerniglia said.

But they might have gotten greedy. In one of the burglaries, a credit card was stolen.
The article went to say the card was used at a Wal-Mart and the thieves were caught on videotape there. This new way to foil locks is troubling for homeowners. If history teaches us anything, criminals adapt to society's efforts to stop their lawlessness. Even having a home security system won't keep a person safe from being robbed.

Back to the title of my post. Are greedy burglar and idiot the same thing? Let me know.

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