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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Knuckleheads of the Day award

Today's winners are Pete and Rose Marie Costello. They get the award for the following.

TACOMA, Wash. - Federal prosecutors say a Vancouver man has faked retardation for the past decade so his mother could collect disability benefits on his behalf.

In meetings with Social Security officials and psychologists for nearly 20 years, since he was 8 years old, Pete Costello appeared to be mentally retarded. His mother insisted he couldn't read or write, shower, take care of himself or drive a car.

But a courtroom video of Costello contesting a traffic ticket seems to refute that. Assistant U.S. Attorney Norman Barbosa says Costello looks like any other person trying to get out of a ticket.

Prosecutors say Costello works as an auto body repairman, and instead of living with his mother, lives with a girlfriend and two of her children.

Costello and his mother, Rose Marie Costello, are now facing fraud charges. They pleaded not guilty Tuesday in federal court in Tacoma. Both remain in custody pending a detention hearing on Friday.

As for the traffic ticket: Pete Costello persuaded the court to give him a deferment.
Just incredible, right? I almost feel like giving SSA the knucklehead too. Didn't they ever request a medical confirmation of Costello's retardation?

Pete and Rose Marie Costello are today's Knuckleheads of the day.

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