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Monday, December 11, 2006

Where's my check?

From today's Sun-Sentinel-

Spending in the contentious Ron Klein-Clay Shaw congressional contest this year reached stratospheric levels by Election Day. The total, which exceeds $13.5 million, works out to $63.51 for every vote cast in the Broward-Palm Beach county district.

Klein's victory in November was the culmination of one of the most expensive congressional contests in the country. The reason is no secret to any South Floridian with a television set. The contest was fought largely over the airwaves in one of the nation's most expensive television markets.

Klein, a Democrat from Boca Raton, and Shaw, a Republican from Fort Lauderdale, spent a combined $7.7 million. In addition, $5.9 million was spent on their behalf, with 96 percent of that cash coming from the Democratic and Republican committees charged with supplementing efforts by their parties' congressional candidates.

Much of that cash paid for television advertising. The Klein-Shaw district is particularly expensive because the Broward County territory is in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale TV market, one of the nation's most expensive.
What an utter and complete waste of money. The campaign featured nothing but attack ads from both camps. Not a sign of either politician giving voters a reason to vote for them. The 2006 FL 22nd race is a prime exhibit in why most of the American public is cynical about politics.

If elected officials can waste 13 million like Shaw and Klein did, what do you think they'll do when in office?

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