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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Whatever it takes

From the Miami Herald-

He turned pale. His body started aching. Chills ran down his spine.

Doctors called it the flu, but 4-year-old Jordi Vizueth was not the type to get sick.

So when his fever persisted for days, Jordi's parents began to worry and drove him to the emergency room at Baptist Hospital.

Several medical exams later, doctors gave the diagnosis: leukemia.

''For us it was a blow,'' said Jordi's mother, Leticia Vizueth of Homestead. ``I didn't believe it. He wasn't like other kids. He never got sick.''

That was Christmas 2004.

Although Jordi, now 6, has gone into remission twice since then, his prognosis remains poor -- and doctors say the only thing that could save him is a bone-marrow transplant.

His brother Jason, 5, is not a match. Neither is his mother or his father Nicolas.

But Leticia hopes to deliver a Christmas gift to save Jordi. She is due to give birth the week before Christmas to a baby boy, whom she hopes will be a match.

''This could be our miracle,'' said Vizueth, a deeply religious Christian.
I pray Leticia Vizueth gets her miracle and ask you to do the same. Losing a child is a horrible experience and one that TFM knows all too well of.

One note on the Herald article- There is no mention of anyone criticizing what Jordi's mother is doing. That's rare, when stories of this have been covered in the past, there is always someone quoted saying the parents are just having another child so to save their son or daughter's life.

I always thought those critics were out of line. Since what happened to Daniel, that feeling is even stronger. As a parent, I'd do anything to save my child's life. Ms. Vizueth is doing the same and anyone who criticizes these efforts is a mindless unfeeling idiot.

Please read the Herald story in its entirety. God bless the Vizueth family.

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