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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

From the Silly news desk

Some news from New York. Absent-minded thieves stealing from the Amish. I bet you have never read a story like this one.

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An Amish man was robbed at gunpoint by two men early Monday morning in St. Lawrence County.

It was about 2:30AM when Levi E. Hershberger, 23, of 594 Old Canton Road was riding in his buggy on County Route 15 when a vehicle went past him, turned around and pulled up along side him.

One of the occupants of the vehicle asked Hershberger if he had any drugs. When he told them no they drove off.

The car went up the road and turned around. This time the driver asked Hershberger if he had any drugs. Again they were told no.

The men in the car, identified as Andrew W. Grant, 22, of 12 Cayay Road, South Colton and Jonathon A. Gagne, 19, of 1129 Downer Road, Utica, allegedly told Hershberger they were undercover troopers and pretended to show identification.

A long gun was pointed at Mr. Hershberger and he was told to get out of the buggy. The buggy was searched with the robbers taking a flashlight, pipe and pipe tobacco.

The perpetrators drove off and Hershberger got into his buggy and drove home.

When Hershberger got to his house he heard a car coming and it turned into his driveway. He realized it was the same car so he ran across a field to a neighbor and told them what happened. The neighbor called 911.

Meanwhile the men in the car woke up Enos Hershberger, Levi’s father, asking the elder Hershberger where Levi had gone and if he had any drugs.

Sheriff’s Deputies arrived within 5 minutes at the Hershberger farm, immediately taking Gagne into custody.

Grant fled the scene on foot. He was found driving the car about an hour and a half later and arrested.

Deputies recovered a loaded .50 caliber muzzle loader and the items taken from the buggy.

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