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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Knuckleheads of the Day award Part Two

I wasn't planning to give two awards today, but this one is too good to pass on.

Our second winners today are The Miami Herald newspaper and their reporter Jennifer Mooney Piedra. In yesterday's paper, they gave a novel idea for why a woman would turn into a crack whore.

Kim Raffo was the picture-perfect mother and housewife.

She helped her two kids with science fair projects, decorated cupcakes for bake sales and volunteered for the PTA.

During the holidays, she opened her four-bedroom home in eastern Pembroke Pines to family and friends. She ''went all out'' for the gatherings, serving elaborate homemade meals that would have made Martha Stewart proud, her family said.

For her daughter's fifth birthday, she transformed her back yard into a petting zoo.

''She was Super Mom,'' said her mother, Joan Daniels, of Miramar. ``People looked at her in awe.''

But soon after she turned 30, the world of the well-liked, stay-at-home mom began to dissolve. Perhaps it was the continuous round of school trips, the endless birthday parties, the numerous visits to the park.
I agree with Florida Cracker, the cause was more likely to be the woman's crack addicted boyfriend.

What a piece of idiotic and insulting journalism this is. The reporter is an obvious idiot, but why didn't the Herald's editors remove this statement? Maybe because they are of just as low an intelligence level as Ms. Mooney-Piedra. Either that or the Herald's editors and reporters are using crack too!

The Miami Herald and reporter Jennifer Mooney Piedra are today's second Knucklehead award winners of the day.

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