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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Sophie Gustafson. The Swedish golfer gets the award for her being a poor loser at the end of her singles match in yesterday's Solheim Cup finale.

Ms. Gustafson the girlfriend of outgoing LPGA commissioner Ty Votaw was 2 down in her singles match against Hall of Famer Juli Inkster coming to the Par 3 17th hole. The match was dormie, meaning the best Europe or Sophie could do was halve the match but only by winning the last two holes.

Juli hit her tee shot on the green ten feet from the hole. Sophie missed the green right. Ms. Gustafson then preceded to chip the ball to four feet from the hole and then mark it. The best Sophie could score on the hole now was a par 3. While Juli had two putts from 10 feet to halve the match.

And Sophie didn't concede the two putt to Juli.

This really irks me. Juli is an excellent putter and one of the best women golfers of the last 20 years. She's a Hall of Famer and a winner of all four legs of the grandslam of women's golf. The chance of her three putting from ten feet in those circumstances are off the chart.

And in an earlier match Laura Davies conceded a two-putt to Paula Creamer to allow her to win a match for the US. Paula was inside of ten feet from the hole and Laura who is a probable future Hall of Famer(She is 2 pts shy) conceded graciously to the 19 year old rookie.

So Juli attempted the 10-footer. She missed but had only a two-foot putt left for par and was inside of Sophie to boot. Gustafson still didn't concede! Sophie made her putt as did Juli, and the match went to the US 2&1.

Sophie Gustafson is a really a work of art. In 2003 on national television her ball moved while she was addressing a putt. She didn't call a penalty on herself(it would have been 2 shots) and went on to win by one shot. That was very controversial, see players are the ones responsible to call the penalty in such an occurence, something Gustafson didn't do. The LPGA sent out a rules official to make a determination after play was over, but what was the real chance of the official ruling a penalty on Ms. Gustafson? After all who signs his paychecks but Sophie's live in boyfriend. This was all very controversial when it happened, click here for Golf World's coverage.

By the way, who was Sophie's playing partner that controversial day in 2003? Juli Inkster, who hadn't been able to help rules officials determine if the ball had moved. Sophie could have been DQd if Juli had, in other words Gustafson owes Inkster.

For being an ungrateful liar, cheat and now a sore loser, Sophie Gustafson is today's Knucklehead of the Day.

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