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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Solheim Cup day Two

Yesterday was a disappointing day for the US team. Leading at one point in three of the four morning matches, The US failed to win a single one, losing two and splitting two. At the end of foursomes play the US was down 3-1.

Afternoon fourball play fared better, the US winning two matches and losing the other two. That left Europe leading 5-3 going into today's play.

Some notes on yesterday's play.

*- Laura Davies was putting incredibly in both matches she played in. If she keeps it up, Laura is going to be next to impossible to beat.

*- What is it about Michelle Redman when she goes up against Suzanne Pettersen? The Redman/Diaz team lost to Annika Sorrenstam/Petersen after being 3 up at one point. Sorrenstam and Petersen played horribly on the front nine and the US let them escape with a point.

Michelle was 4 up in a 2000 Solheim singles match to Petersen and blew that lead too except the match was halved.

*- Juli Inkster played but didn't play up to her usual standard of play, losing her fourball team match with Paula Creamer. Inkster and Creamer have been repaired for foursome play though. They face Laura Davies/Maria Hjorth.

*- US Rookies Natalie Gulbis, Christina Kim and Paula Creamer went 1-2-2. They played well, not as bad as their record shows. Only Karen Stupples of Europe's rookies played.

*- Adding to US woes, Christi Kerr woke up today with a sore neck. She won't be playing in her foursomes match. Instead it will be Redman/Hurst vs Sorrenstam/Cattorina Matthew.

*- Rosie Jones played very well yesterday, winning her fourball match. However Nancy Lopez is sitting Rosie down. ???

*- Interesting Saturday match to lead off. European rookies Kreutz/Nocera go off against US rookies Kim/Gulbis. The difference is that its the Europeans first match where as both US rookies have already played.

The US has a uphill climb but it isn't impossible.

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