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Sunday, September 11, 2005

In Prayerful Memory

It is four years since the events of 9-11 but it is impossible to forget the memories and images of that day. Even in spite of the MSM trying to block them out. They will forever be with those who lived through that day.

First let us not forget the victims of 9-11 or their families. There are people out there still suffering what what was done that day. Let us pray that God will give them peace.

What was 9-11-2001 like for me? I still remember the day. My wife and I went through all our normal morning routines. She leaving for work about ten minutes to nine and as I do sometimes, turn on CNBC early in the morning.(Nowadays it is Fox News)

I turned on the television to see pictures of the World Trade Center on Fire and talk of it being hit by an airplane. Listening to the broadcast, I waited till 9 a.m. when my wife would arrive at work and turn the phone answering service. I got a hold of my wife just after nine, telling her what happened.

Because of that I didn't see the second plane hit live on national telelvision like many others that day. Not unusual, I turned the TV while talking to DW wife. I did see the video of the crash endlessly repeated on the television for the rest of the day. 9-11 was so unreal, like a nightmare and I think we were dazed the wife and I. Daze or not, 9-11 will never be forgotten by us.

I went to mass early this morning so I could watch the golf. Today's readings include Sirach 28:2.

Forgive your neighbor's injustice:
then when you pray
your own sins will be forgiven.

and from Matthew 18:15-20

Peter approached Jesus and asked him, "Lord if my brother sins against me, how often must I forgive? As many as seven times? Jesus answered, "I say to you, not seven times but seventy- seven times."

My wife works for the Catholic parrish we also belong to. One of her jobs is to prepare the weekly church bulletin. This week's bulletin has a special cover- In Prayerful memory. Below is what is written.

On this fourth anniversary of September 11, 2001,
we find today's scriptures especially challenging
because they speak about forgiveness.

Forgiveness in the face of

incalculable tragedy and enormous brutality
can be unthinkable for many.

Yet here we have the Lord Jesus calling us to forgive.

There are no easy answers on a day like today.

Perhaps all many of can do is simply to pray
for an end to violence and an end to the kind of systems
that breed and support terrorism of any kind.

I think these words ring very true. It is hard to forgive but I think we need to at least pray that no more violence like 9-11 ever happens again. God bless America.

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