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Friday, September 09, 2005

Solheim Cup play starts today

The every other year meeting of US and European women's golf teams begins today in Carmel Indiana at the Crooked Stick Golf Club. Can the US win back the cup after losing it in 2003? Europe won the 2003 matches in Sweden by the decisive score of 1 7 1/2- 10 1/2.

History is on the US side. We've never lost on American soil. On the other hand Europe has Annika Sorrenstam who is by far the best player in the world.

Today's morning play-

(Format: Foursomes match play, aka alternate shot. Each two-person team plays one ball, alternating shots until it is holed.)

8 a.m.: Beth Daniel-Paula Creamer, United States, vs. Carin Koch-Catriona Matthew, Europe.
8:10: Cristie Kerr-Natalie Gulbis, United States, vs. Laura Davies-Maria Hjorth, Europe.
8:20: Christina Kim-Pat Hurst, United States, vs. Sophie Gustafson-Trish Johnson,Europe.
8:30: Michele Redman-Laura Diaz, United States, vs. Annika Sorenstam-Suzann Pettersen, Europe.

The first match is off already. Europe is on the green, while Paula Creamer's approach shot was long.

There is some second guessing already. I may be the only one. Jennifer Mario has blogged-

Starting off at 9 AM (Eastern), Paula Creamer and Beth Daniel will face Carin Koch and Catriona Matthew. This was originally supposed to be Creamer and Inkster, but apparently Inkster has an infected fingernail, which apparently she caught from Vinjay Singh. No, I made that up. But seriously, her fingernail may actually prevent her from playing at all this weekend. You heard it here first.

If what Jennifer says is right about Inkster, why didn't Nancy Lopez replace her? The next player on the points list for the Solheim Cup would have made the team. That is Dorothy Delasin.

This is a valid criticism. Playing with 11 instead of 12 players reduces a Captain's flexibility for pairings. Now at the 1991 Ryder Cup Steve Pate was injured and only played one match. The US won any way. The difference here is that in addition to Inkster, Laura Diaz is pregnant. That certainly has to limit her to only one match a day. So why is Inkster still on the team if she is hurt? Nancy is handicapping the US squad unnecessarily.

My prediction- Europe wins 15-13.

Update- Koch/Matthew won the first hole. They are one up.

I'll be watching this all weekend. Go USA!

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