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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The 2005 Knucklehead of the year award

The time has finally come to crown the Grand Knucklehead(s) of 2005. Who will it be?

It all began at my other blog with this post about a truck driver. Since that day I've given out over 100 awards. It hasn't always been a daily award but TFM tried hard to find one every day. If you'd like an explanation of how the awards evolved, click here.

Our judging panel is still unchanged. They are- Jo at Jo's Cafe, Don Surber, John in Carolina, Greta aka Hooah Wife, plus Yours Truly.

Our seven Knucklehead finalists are-

James Michael Tait (Generic)
The management of Halifax Calderdale Royal Hospital (Bureaucratic)
Amnesty International (Organizations, Corporations, Associations)
Baseball Pitcher Kenny Rogers (Sports & Entertainment) Link
US Senator Richard Durbin (Politics)
Washington Post Style writer Robin Givhan (MSM)(Appropriately attired in clothes picked by the Roberts children.
Scotus Justices Kennedy, Ginsberg, Breyer, Souter, Stevens

Update- Welcome Captains Quarters and Betsy's Page readers.

Here are the original semifinals for the seven finalists were picked. There were six semi-finalists in each field.
Generic, MSM, Judiciary, Politics, Sports & Entertainment, Org, Corp & Assoc, Bureaucratic

First I'll give some of the Judge's comments

Greta- On Tait she wrote- This guy also deserves a Darwin award and surely can't have an IQ higher than a common farm animal. Lock him up and throw away the key. Or better yet - make him attend PETA conventions!
On Amnesty Intl- Oh come on - do terrorists treat others humanely?
On Senator Durbin- Dick the Dick is a hazard to himself and the world!
On Kenny Rogers- Athletes get way too much press as it is!
On Halifax Calderdale Royal Hospital- Stalin would be proud.
On Robin Givhan- The fact that she is paid to write this rubbish from the WaPo is much worse than the garbage she spews from her mouth!
On the Supreme Court Justices- can't believe these morons. We should take all their houses and build parks! Nothing gets me going more lateley than eminent domain!

Don Surber wrote- I picked Halifax because it was just so stupid. Eminent domain will be overturned and Durbin will be diselected

John in Carolina-

The Justices- The five justices who convinced themselves our founding fathers placed in the Constitution something none of us had ever noticed: A provision allowing City Councils and County Commissions to seize our homes and businesses whenever wealthy developers needed a little extra profit. Who would have thought Madison, Jay, and Hamilton would have done that?

Senator Durbin- Because he so outrageously attacked the organization that’s both the essential defender of our freedoms and the world’s greatest human rights organization: The Untied States Military.

Halifax Calderdale Royal Hospital- Because the management’s “Don’t coo” edict is part of a leftist, behavior-control movement that we know best in America as “political correctness.” Think university professors who tell students the McCarthy era was “a time of fear and intimidation” while they enforce the campus speech code.

Amnesty International- It can’t distinguish between a Soviet Union that ran a gulag that killed upward of 20 millions people and America where Amnesty staffers are free to viciously and falsely attack the government while living a very pretty comfortable life courtesy of the protection provided by the US Military

Robin Givhan- Givhan represents most of MSM but she didn’t win because she’s not as bad as CBS telling us for days that Bill Burkett was an “unimpeachable” source.

Kenny Rogers and James Michael Tait- The following two Knuckleheads are deserving of recognition but they didn’t do nearly the harm of the others. And they don't represent near the threat to a free and strong America that the other “winners” do.

Is the suspense killing you yet? The envelope please.

Our Grand Knucklehead of 2005 is.......................................................

Supreme Court Justices Anthony Kennedy, John Paul Stevens, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and David Souter!

Come on down Justices we have your trophies for you. You are the Grand Knuckleheads of 2005. For your majority decision in Kelo vs The City of New London, already one of the most infamous decisions in Supreme Court History. It is the hope of this judge that all of you get the most fittng reward for your Kelo decision. To see your homes bulldozed to make way for a factory or parking lot. That is the kind of chaos Kelo will bring to homeowners and you should suffer too.

The first runner-up for the 2005 Knucklehead of the year was Senator Richard Durbin. Amnesty International was second runner-up.

That's it folks. God willing I'll be back in a year to give out the 2006 Knucklehead of the year award. Till then have a Happy New Year and God bless.

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