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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Plea deal

Some interesting news from the Sun-Sentinel-

Attorneys for Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne met again Wednesday with federal prosecutors to try to reach a plea agreement in the two-year investigation of Jenne's public and private business dealings.

Tom Scott, the U.S. attorney from 1997 to 2000, has joined Jenne's defense team. Scott knows Jenne from their work in law enforcement and offered to work for no charge, said Jenne's other lawyer, Dave Bogenschutz. He would not comment on the Miami meeting.

Sources familiar with the investigation said prosecutors want to reach a resolution on the case by the end of this week or put it to a federal grand jury vote on whether Jenne should be charged.

Prosecutors and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are investigating allegations of misconduct by Jenne.
Jenne's legal problems are well known to people in Southeast Florida. I agree with Bob at The Daily Pulp, that Jenne is an embarrassment that the Feds and Charlie Crist need to see removed from office. If Jenne makes a plea, his career as Sheriff must certainly come to an end.

I'm just wondering about the basis of the above Sun-Sentinel article. Unnamed sources were used as always. I doubt Jenne's defense team is talking, so we have to guess it comes from the Prosecutor's office. Or is it possible the Sentinel just hyperventilating in anticipation of some big news involving Ken Jenne? As I've chronicled more than once, the reporting out of Ft. Lauderdale leaves something to be desired.

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