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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Will Chris Chambers be traded or released?

From the Miami Herald-

Despite some minor feelers to gauge the potential value of Dolphins wide receiver Chris Chambers on the trade market, Miami has no imminent plans to deal the team's No. 1 wide receiver.

Chambers also is not in danger of being cut, which can often be the assumption when a player with a high salary cap number is put on the trade block.

So while the NFL Network reported Tuesday night that Chambers' name was popping up throughout league circles as potential trade bait, it is highly unlikely he will be wearing anything other than a Dolphins jersey on Sept. 9 when Miami opens the season.

Had the Dolphins been able to get any interest from potential suitors, it would have been unlikely the two sides could have pulled off a trade anyway. The interested team would need to take on Chambers' cap hit of $7.3 million.

Also, Chambers is coming off of a disappointing season two years removed from a Pro Bowl. In 2005, Chambers reached the Pro Bowl with 1,118 yards on 82 catches. But last year, although in a different offensive system, he finished with 677 yards on 59 catches.

He also recently pleaded not guilty to charges of driving while impaired, but his case has yet to be decided. Should he face legal sanctions, Chambers could also potentially face discipline from the NFL. The open-ended situation is also a detractor for other teams.
I don't think Miami should trade or release Chambers. Ginn played well last week, but he's still unproven. Booker I feel is overrated. Miami traded or released their other two most productive pass catchers last year, Wes Welker and Randy McMichael. Cameron is trying to form his own team, but dumping productive players from the Saban era isn't the answer.

By the way, what's the source the Miami Herald is using to debunk the previous trade rumor? No one named or unnamed, quoted or unquoted, is mentioned in the above article. Did Dolphin reporter Jeff Darlington forget Journalism sourcing 101?

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