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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sick puppies

Some news from the Sun-Sentinel-

Shy and timid.

That's how the father of a 16-year-old charged in the June 18 armed gang rape of a woman in front of her 12-year-son characterized his own son Friday after the teen's first court appearance.

The teen and a 14-year-old friend face charges of armed sexual battery by multiple perpetrators while masked, two counts of armed home invasion while masked, sexual performance by a child and aggravated battery.
There is nothing shy and timid about the young men who committed these horrible acts.

According to the police report, the victim told authorities that about 8:30 p.m. June 18 a "male" knocked on the door of her apartment in the Dunbar Village public housing complex and told her the tires on her car were flat. When she and her child went to check on the car, three masked men armed with guns ordered them back into the apartment, where she said seven other men followed. The mother and son were placed in separate bedrooms before the 10 men took turns beating, raping and sodomizing the mother.

The assailants then beat the 12-year-old boy, smashing a plate on his head and pouring household liquids in his eyes. Before fleeing, the assailants forced the mother and son to have sex with each other.
Sick, sick, sick. Who ever did this, when found guilty, shouldn't see the light of day outside of jail ever again.

Who are the two teens arrested. From Channel 25-

Authorities said 14-year-old Avion Lawson and 16-year-old Nathan Walker are being charged as adults with armed sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, sexual performance by a child, armed home invasion and aggravated battery.
Lawson and Walker are just accused of the crimes at this point.

Did the Sun-Sentinel name these two youths?

West Palm Beach police are searching for other assailants. The victim said 10 men participated in the attack. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is not naming the suspects because of their ages.
What a sick puppy of a newspaper the Sun-Sentinel is. Do they have any journalistic standards down there? Let me quote what Sun-Sentinel editor Earl Maucker wrote earlier this year.

Yes, we have a policy not to use the names of juveniles accused of crimes.

We feel that in most cases where juvenile offenders are involved, their interests trump public curiosity and we elect not to name them. It could be argued that that kind of negative publicity could mark them for life, so we err on the side of being sensitive.

Once someone is charged as an adult, however, or if the crime is so heinous that it is in the public interest to name the offender, we will publish the name.
How isn't the gang rape not a heinous act? Maybe if it had happened to the wife and son of a Sun-Sentinel employee. No it would have to be at least Maucker's wife and son.(or any of his superiors at the paper or Tribune Company the owner of the Sun-Sentinel) Then the names of the teenagers would be listed in the paper! What a warped journalistic vision Mr. Earl Maucker has. How does this guy sleep at night?

Standards are pretty low at the Sun-Sentinel. If you care to see other examples of the abysmally bad journalism practiced by this Fort Lauderdale based newspaper, click here, here, here and that's just a start.

The names of those accused were printed or broadcast by Channel 25 mentioned above, in addition to both the Palm Beach Post and Associated Press. So the Sun-Sentinel isn't protecting anyone.

Bob at The Daily Pulp also notes that the Palm Beach Post left out the forced incest part in their reporting of this horrible story.
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