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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another blogger being sued

Yesterday I blogged about an American blogger in South Korea who was being sued for libel. Much closer to home, South Florid Journalist author of The Daily Pulp Blog, Bob Norman, is being sued along with his employer. Here is a link to the case.

Bob wrote-

After retirement from the Sun-Sentinel, Buddy Nevins has foundsomething to do. I just wish it wasn't suing me. It was filed by his lawyer, Christopher Fertig, and has to do with the Phil Busey blog post and article I did recently. This may get interesting, but there is no joy in Pulpville tonight. The truth is, as I've stated several times on this blog, I like Buddy and believe he's done awesome work in his career. Hell, I even put him down in the Acknowledgements of my little true crime book, Florida Pulp Nonfiction. I named him Best Columnist one year for the New Times' Best Of issue. And as much as I'd like to get into the specifics of the case, I can't right now for obvious reasons. But I stand by my work and wish Buddy the best.
The Sun-Sentinel also reported on the lawsuit.

Former South Florida Sun-Sentinel Staff Writer Buddy Nevins has filed suit against New Times Broward-Palm Beach columnist Bob Norman and Village Voice Media LLC over online postings and a print column about Nevins.

In the lawsuit, Nevins said Norman falsely stated he was being forced out of the Sun-Sentinel over a story Nevins wrote, portions of which were later corrected, about a Davie Town Council candidate. Nevins also said that Norman falsely claimed he had an "unholy alliance" with lobbyist Ali Waldman and that she had "ruined" him as a reporter.

In an e-mail in response to questions about the lawsuit, Norman said, "As I've said many times, I have great respect for Buddy Nevins and his long career in journalism in Broward County. I stand behind my work and believe I acted responsibly in this case."
The Nevins article in question can be found here in an earlier blog post of mine. If you go to The Daily Pulp and do a search of posts concerning Buddy Nevins, you'll also see some of Bob Norman's writing on the former Sun-Sentinel author.

Bob Norman is only one of two bloggers I've met in person. Along with Rick at Stuck on the Palmetto and Tere author of A Mom, a Blog, and the Life, Bob is one of my favorite South Florida bloggers. TFM wishes Bob the best. Is it open season for bloggers at the moment? It isn't all that long since another blogger was threatened with a lawsuit either.

Hat tip- Rick at SOTP
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