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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No Show

Fidel Castro didn't make any public appearances on May Day.

HAVANA - Fidel Castro was a no-show on May Day, missing his third straight major public event and disappointing hundreds of thousands of marchers who were forced to settle for an appearance by his stodgy younger brother and a message in the form of a wandering essay about ethanol.

Top officials in Cuba and throughout the region have long insisted that the island's "maximum leader" is recuperating from emergency intestinal surgery, and has even reassumed some of the duties he left when he temporally stepped aside on July 31.

But nine months and counting without a public appearance has some wondering whether repeated assurances that Castro's health is improving are aimed more at reassuring the 80-year-old patient and his supporters than accurately depicting his condition.
Maybe the CIA can investigate if any world renowned taxidermists have travelled to Havana lately. I don't have alot of faith in any of the reports that have come out on Castro's health.

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