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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Knucklehead of the Day award Part Three

Our third winner today is Security firm, Navarro Security. They get the award for the following.

DEERFIELD BEACH -- Burglars stole almost 8,000 phones worth at least $1.5 million from a cell phone warehouse over the weekend, prompting the company's owner Tuesday to offer a $50,000 reward.

Burglars broke into Reagan Wireless, at 3390 S.W. 15th St., about 5 p.m. Sunday, a Broward Sheriff's Office report and company owner Daniel Kaufman said. The burglars cut a large hole into the 20,000-square foot building's back wall and used the company's forklift to remove large boxes of phones from the shelves.

During the theft, Kaufman said, the building's motion alarms went off three times in one hour. Security firm Navarro Security, of Miami, did not alert BSO and a guard stationed there told a firm operator that things were fine.

"They used my forklift," Kaufman said. "It's like they owned the damn place."

On Monday a manager discovered the theft of brand new, sealed phones Reagan distributes throughout the world, Kaufman said. Included were 6,500 Sony Ericsson Z525i phones worth about $110 each retail and about 1,000 ESPN Samsung ACE phones that sell for about $105, Kaufman said.

No charges have been filed because the investigation is ongoing, BSO spokesman Hugh Graf said.

Nick Navarro, the former Broward County Sheriff who owns Navarro Security, said he could not explain the breach.

"We don't understand what has taken place," Navarro said. "Detectives are investigating. We'll see what comes out of it."
Oh and there's more about why Navarro Security so appallingly failed at the job they were hired to do.

Kaufman said the alarm was triggered and the security monitoring system provider contacted the armed security guard on duty three different times to make sure everything was OK.

Surveillance video shows a guard leaving his post about 10 minutes before the alarm was triggered and his relief washing his vehicle upon arrival, apparently unaware of the burglary in progress.

Navarro Security, a company owned and operated by former Broward County Sheriff Nick Navarro, employed the guard. Navarro Security declined to comment.
Sounds like a great company if you want protection. NOT! For failing to protect their customer, Navarro Security is today's third Knucklehead of the Day. I think this will do wonders for Navarro's business. What do you think, Nick?

Hat tip- Rick at SOTP
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