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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Given the boot

The Miami Dolphins have traded their long-time placekicker Olindo Mare.

The Dolphins traded kicker Olindo Mare to New Orleans on Tuesday for a 2007 sixth-round draft pick (199th overall).

Mare, a Cooper City High graduate who began playing for the Dolphins in 1997, became expendable last month when the franchise signed former New York Giants kicker Jay Feely as his replacement. But the Dolphins refused to immediately cut Mare even after he publicly asked for his release because the franchise was hoping to trade him.

Rather than release Mare, Mueller said the Dolphins wanted to "get some value" after paying him a $250,000 roster bonus before Feely was signed. A six-year NFL veteran, Feely made 84.1 percent of his field goals the past two seasons for the Giants.

Asked why the Dolphins chose to replace Mare with Feely, Mueller wouldn't provide specifics other than to say, "Some change is good sometimes ... The things we like about Jay were a mental toughness, toughness of kicking in the cold. We go to some tough places -- Buffalo, New England, New York -- and he's comfortable in that arena."

Mare is expected to replace John Carney, the Cardinal Newman grad who has kicked for the Saints since 2001.

The Dolphins now have recouped the extra sixth-round pick the franchise lost Saturday when a trade of Dan Wilkinson to Denver was rescinded when the defensive tackle failed to report to the Broncos. The Dolphins have nine overall picks in the April 28-29 draft.
Here are the stats for Feely and Mare. On the surface, the former's looks much better at making Field goals but a closer look shows the completion pct. between the two kickers from 49 yards or less to be almost the same. Then Mare is better at Kickoffs, he had more touchbacks than Feely by 100% last year. That may be a bit of an aberration, but Olindo is clearly betting at giving his team field position than Jay

Unless the draft pick acquired for Mare amounts to something, this change of kickers is at best a wash for Miami.

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