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Monday, April 02, 2007


Some news from Norway.

OSLO (Reuters) - Passengers arriving at Norway's busiest airports can declare their additional tipple or cigarettes to an automatic teller instead of a customs officer in what Oslo says is a world first.

"This will enable us to use our personnel to fight more serious smuggling," Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen was quoted as saying by daily Aftenposten.

Halvorsen, arriving from abroad, was the first to use the automatic customs machine, which became operational on April 1.

Public NRK television said she declared an extra bottle of wine, and pictures showed she paid the duty by bank card before walking out with a receipt in her hand.
First I think the alcohol and tobacco customs laws are archaic. We probably spend more money enforcing them(or not enforcing them) than any financial benefit coming from the tourist buying these goods locally.

Second, did anyone in Norway think about the possibility tourists will lie when making their declarations? I'd save the money on the teller machines and instead use it to combat real smuggling.

What do you think?

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