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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Florida the rules are different here Chapter XCVII

You don't see a street sign like that every day. Rick at SOTP writes

I'm confused as to why this developer would advertise his residences "starting at six million dollars" (make sure you spell it out so that no one sees how many zeroes there!) with this huge sign. Do they really think they're going to make any sales this way? Who are they targeting?

Perhaps it's the local resident walking their dog who glances up and immediately begins calculating how they can make the mortgage payments on a 50K salary (they give up pretty quick, by the way).

Maybe it's the celebrity who is in town and cruising the streets of SoBe in their Gallardo or Bentley. But how do they see this sign as they whiz by?

The most likely possibility is that they hope some hapless tourist who never in their lifetime will be able to afford a $6 million plus residence in SoBe might take a picture and post it on the internet so that an equally hapless blogger will notice it and mention it on his blog.
Make that two bloggers now. LOL. Another scenario is that this developer is desperate because of the current real estate market bust. They are resorting to a street sign so to find buyers.

Street signs for six million dollar homes. Isn't this a great state or what?

A big hat tip to Rick at Stuck on the Palmetto, my favorite South Florida area blog.

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