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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weekly Dolphins prediction

The Dolphins(5-7) play host to New England(9-3) this afternoon. Last week's loss to Jacksonville pretty much eliminated any playoff chances for Miami. They were a pipe dream any way. With four weeks to go, Saban continues to look short-term rather than long-term. Veterans will continue to play, rather give playing time to rookies. What for? The season is done, every DT on the team is a free agent next year. Give Frederick Evans or Kevin Vickerson a chance to prove themselves. Heck, bench Joey Harrington and lets see if Cleo Lemon can play QB. What good is a 3rd string QB who has little or no real playing time experience. So give Lemon the ball today. Nick Saban will have none of this.

My prediction for today's game- New England 28, Miami 10.

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