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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pass the leaves

From Blomberg

Dec. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuela, Latin America's largest consumer of Scotch whiskey, raised custom taxes on the spirit and another 200 imported goods the government considers non- essential.

The government will add a 15 percent surcharge on the current customs taxes on goods including razor blades, sail boats, pearls and toilet paper, according to the official gazette. The government also eased requirements on obtaining dollars to purchase of machinery, raw materials and auto parts.

The decision will probably accelerate inflation, already the fastest in Latin America, economists such as Andreas Faust at Bello Catholic University. The economic expansion in Venezuela, the fastest in three decades, has spurred demand for whisky, which Venezuelans drink in golf clubs and shantytowns alike, and other goods such as Rolex watches and sport cars.
I guess Chavez wants to return his country to the 19th century, before toilet paper came on rolls. While he's at it, the US would certainly be happy to take Venezuela's large oil supplies also. Can't allow that luxury of cash to become too popular in Caracas either. What do you think?

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