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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Absence of Mallard

There are over 1,000 dead ducks in Idaho.

BOISE, Idaho - More than 1,000 mallard ducks have died along a single creek in southern Idaho, and officials on Wednesday tested tissue samples to find out why.

The symptoms — lesions in the lungs and hemorrhaging in the heart wall — likely point to a bacterial infection, not avian flu, said Dave Parrish, regional supervisor for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

State wildlife biologists and U.S. Department of
Homeland Security investigators were not ruling out any cause of death.

Migrating mallards from Canada and their local cousins were still perishing at Land Springs Creek near Oakley, about 180 miles southeast of Boise. Birds stagger and struggle to breathe before collapsing, said Parrish.
Has anyone checked on VP Dick Cheney's alibi and his recent whereabouts? Jackson Hole Wyoming can only be a couple hundred miles at most from the scene of these dead ducks. Were Sally Field and Bob Balaban in the vicinity when this happened?

All joking aside, I make a bet the deaths were pesticide or farm chemical related. The AP article noted both these possibilities.

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