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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Get well Senator

From AP-

WASHINGTON - Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson (news, bio, voting record) of South Dakota was in critical but stable condition Thursday after late-night emergency brain surgery, creating political drama about which party will control the Senate next month if he is unable to continue in office.

Johnson suffered from bleeding in the brain caused by a congenital malformation, the U.S. Capitol physician said, describing the surgery as successful. The condition, present at birth, causes tangled blood vessels.

"The senator is recovering without complication," the physician, Adm. John Eisold, said. "It is premature to determine whether further surgery will be required or to assess any long-term prognosis."

Eisold said doctors had to drain the blood that had accumulated in Johnson's brain and stop continued bleeding.

TFM prays that Senator Johnson will have a full recovery.

As to the political speculation done by both the MSM and some democrats (which has been noted by James Joyner, Michelle Malkin, Captain Ed, Assorted Babble, Kim at Wizbang and others), it's simply in bad taste. Then some of these same conservatives viciously attack Cindy Sheehan on a regular basis. I don't like Ms. Sheehan's politics but think the right's bile towards this woman who lost a son is in poorer taste than those worrying about the balance of the Senate if Johnson dies. Don't be hypocrites ladies and gentlemen.

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