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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Selling their soul

If former knucklehead winner The Jacksonville Florida Times Union has one. Every day I scan Florida newspapers looking for news to blog about. Clicking on the FTU's local news link, I got this instead.

Our Panel has taken the time to answer many of the questions asked in our Ask The Panel forum. Take a moment to see if your question, or a question similar to yours, was answered below. Even if you haven't yet asked our panel anything, use the information below as a way to arm yourself with knowledge. And if you still need some answers click HERE to ask the panel a question of your own.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

I have been with my boyfriend for nine months. We haven’t had sex yet but we really love each other. He wants to do it without a condom, but I don’t know what he has. Should he be tested? Should I refuse to have sex without a condom?
By Dr. Linda Dinerman
You should absolutely refuse to have sex without a condom. If he does not agree to wear a condom, then you should not agree to have sex. It is always a good idea for partners to be tested for sexually transmitted infections prior to starting a sexual relationship.

I am 15 and have been having sex for 6 months with my boyfriend. The problem is now I feel like its wrong even
A Blue Cross Blue Shield Q&A forum. It isn't even an advertisement like before. Maybe the Times-Union should run this in their print editions. The paper will die very quickly, for people expect the news not an advertisement.

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