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Monday, July 31, 2006

Floyd Landis

If you wondered about why I haven't given him a knucklehead award, here is why. Like the racing bodies, I'll wait for the second test results. If they come back with a too high a level of testosterone, I will give Landis the knucklehead.

Right I 'm suspecting this will happen. A large spike in testosterone is not a normal occurence. In these days of drug testing, why do athletes think they can get by with cheating? I guess they're just dumb or arrogant or both.

Open Post- Right Wing Nation, Bullwinkle Blog,

MADRID, Spain - Tour de France champion Floyd Landis officially requested the testing of his backup urine sample Monday in an effort to clear his name of doping allegations.

"We've sent the fax to the UCI this afternoon," said Jose Maria Buxeda, one of Landis's two Spanish lawyers, of the Swiss-based International Cycling Union. "Now we'll have to adjust to their calendar."

Landis tested positive for elevated testosterone levels following the 17th stage of the Tour de France, where he made a stunning solo breakaway in the Alps to put himself back into contention for victory after a poor performance the previous day.

If the "B" test is negative, Landis would be cleared. If it's positive, the 30-year-old American would face formal doping charges and could be stripped of his Tour victory and banned for two years.

Buxeda said he's not sure when the B test will be carried out at the Paris doping laboratory, though it could be sometime this week. Landis, who has returned to the United States, is willing to attend the analysis depending on the date, Buxeda said.

Landis's lawyers say they fully expect the backup test to confirm the original finding.

Landis, speaking in Madrid on Friday, said his test results had nothing to do with doping, and that the high level of testosterone in his body was the result of his natural physiology.

Testosterone is a naturally occurring male hormone that is banned when it is found in a ratio greater than 4:1 to another hormone, epitestosterone.

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