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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Odd and Odder

Is the best way to describe New Mexico's Governor Bill Richardson. Read this.

Gov. Bill Richardson likes to touch people. He hugs, pokes, jabs and tickles. If he sees a man with a bald pate, he rubs it. Looking to start a conversation, he might lean forward and head-butt someone— male or female.

Bored on an airplane flight? He'll lick his finger and smudge an aide's glasses.

Richardson says he's just joking and teasing to ease tension and boredom.

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish says she finds the practice irritating. She said she tries to avoid sitting or standing next to the governor at public events.

She said the governor's personality is "one of charisma, joking, joshing," but also used some other words to describe his hands-on approach.

"I think it's irritating and annoying," Denish said in a recent interview.

"I try not to put myself in that situation, trying not to stand or sit next to him."

Others who work with the governor say it doesn't bother them.

Communications director Pahl Shipley described the tendency to touch as a "sign of approval, that things are going well and it's OK."

Denish, who also used the terms "teasing," "adolescent" and "silly," made the comments after looking at photos taken at a groundbreaking ceremony for a train depot in Bernalillo.

Seated next to Denish, Richardson reached his hand behind her chair, turned to her and grinned.

Denish said the governor was poking at the side of her leg.

It went on for five or 10 minutes— the state's bored governor picking at the lieutenant governor, who tossed him some exasperated glances as he caught her eye and laughed.

"He pokes me," Denish said when she was asked about the incident.

At other times, she said, "He pinches my neck. He touches my hip, my thigh, sort of the side of my leg."

I side with Lt. Governor Denish. Governor Richardson's behavior is silly at best, troubling at worst. Go to the Albuquerque Journal website for this article. There's a picture of Richardson with him having a boy in a headlock.

This isn't the only odd behavior from Richardson. He's lied for years about being drafted by the Kansas City Atletics and is a former Knucklehead winner of mine. For taking New Mexico police on a 100 MPH car chase. I'm seeing a troubling pattern. How about you? Richardson sounds like a disturbed man to me.

Can a state's chief executive be committed?

Hat tip- Betsy
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