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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have been disowned

Wednesday is the day the food advertisements arrive with the newspaper. I subscribe to the Palm Beach Post.

I didn't get a copy of Winn Dixie's weekly advertisement today. It could be just coincidence, but the company I think is writing off all their customers in my part of Palm Beach County(Unincorporated Lantana, NW and Western Boynton Beach, SW and Western Lake Worth). Winn Dixie is closing thirty stores and five are right in that area.

Except one, the store at Hypolouxo Road and Dixie Highway. It's an older store and not a particular favorite of mine but it is about two miles from my wife's work. The Winn Dixie(Hypoluxo and Congress Avenue) one mile from my home, where I and my family have been getting prescriptions filled for 15 years, is being closed.

While Winn Dixie won't be as convenient anymore, I won't totally stop shopping with them. I will buy sales products from them. There are also two or three products I could only buy at their store. Winn Dixie sent me a message they don't want my business anymore, but I won't totally go away but how many others who are being stiffed will never again visit their stores and just how wise is this financial model?


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