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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Toppled over

The photo of the day. From BBC-

Que Jingde and Zhang Zhiqin of Shanghai Meidu Real Estate both received life terms for the June 2009 collapse.

According to China Daily, Zhang had allowed an unqualified contractor to build an underground car park.

This, combined with a large pile of excavated earth on the other side of the building, caused it to topple to one side, the paper said.

The building, a large apartment complex in Shanghai’s “Lotus Riverside” development, fell over almost intact.

It was empty at the time of the collapse, but a worker who had returned to the site to collect his tools was killed.
Contrast the justice handed down in Shanghai compared to that in South Korea when a building collapse took 500 lives. The longest prison term handed down for Sampoong was ten and a half years.

The way the building collapsed in Shanghai is pretty amazing. It looks like something made with Lego.

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