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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The First Day of Spring Knucklehead Festival Part Six

Our sixth Knucklehead goes all the way to the top. It is President George W Bush. He gets the award for the following.

WASHINGTON (AP) - A defiant President Bush warned Democrats Tuesday to accept his offer to have top aides testify about the firings of federal prosecutors only privately and not under oath or risk a constitutional showdown from which he would not back down.

Democrats' response to his proposal was swift and firm: They said they would start authorizing subpoenas as soon as Wednesday for the White House aides.

"Testimony should be on the record and under oath. That's the formula for true accountability," said Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Bush, in a late-afternoon statement at the White House, said, "We will not go along with a partisan fishing expedition aimed at honorable public servants. ... I have proposed a reasonable way to avoid an impasse."

He added that federal prosecutors work for him and it is natural to consider replacing them. "There is no indication that anybody did anything improper," the president said.

Bush gave his embattled attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, a boost during an early morning call and ended the day with a public statement repeating it. "He's got support with me," Bush said.
TFM has given President Bush the Knucklehead twice before. Click here to read one of the President's previous awards.

Bush is obviously out of touch or in denial. There was political interference in the matter of the US Attorney in New Mexico and glaring incompetence in the possible hiring of another possible attorney. Bush needs to confess the administration screwed up and fire Gonzales.

And as to Bush's critics over these firings, it isn't just coming from the left. Conservative Bloggers James Joyner, Steven Taylor and Captain Ed(Not to mention me but I'm a nat compared to those three giants) have all been highly critical of the US Attorney firings. There are apologist bloggers out there for Bush too. Click here and here for examples. Kind of reminds me of the Republican bloggers who blindly supported Katherine Harris last fall.

For not taking responsibility for the incompetent firings of eight US attorneys, President George W Bush is our sixth Knucklehead of the Day.

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