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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The First Day of Spring Knucklehead Festival Part Three

Our third winner today is Boynton Beach Florida-based Jordan's Towing. They get the award for the following.

To see whether a local company was ripping off its customers, Boynton Beach police loaded undercover cars with goodies, then called for a tow.

When items were gone from two towed vehicles, officers loaded a third bait car with cash, a video camera and a digital camera and made a third call to Boynton Beach-based Jordan's Towing.

"We received complaints and verified them, and then on [Thursday] we did the operation," said Investigator Suzanne Gitto, a police spokeswoman.

Officers told the tow truck driver that the car was used in several burglaries and that the vehicle was evidence so he couldn't get inside or disturb it. Officers watched as the tow truck driver loaded the car and drove away.

Meanwhile, another group of undercover officers followed the tow truck driver to the company's tow yard, 902 N. Railroad Ave., and kept an eye on their vehicle.


The employees took both cameras, two cell phones and $390. Officers moved in and arrested Mario Carrier, 29, and William Carrier, 37, both of Boynton Beach; Dana Larock, 38, of Delray Beach; and Jacob Lin, 22, of Lake Worth.

Officers issued them more than 30 citations and charged them with 34 felonies and 20 misdemeanors.

Police said the employees admitted stealing the items from that car and said more cars had been broken into over the past year.

In some cases, employees siphoned gas, took an engine, a pickup truck's bedcover and cash, and swapped out tires, police said they told them.

A man who answered the phone at Jordan's Towing on Tuesday and who identified himself as a manager said that the company was hiring an attorney and that he could not comment on the incident.
South Florida towing companies have a notoriously bad reputation. For hiring thieves to steal from their customers, Boynton Beach Florida-based Jordan's Towing is today's third Knucklehead winner of the Day.

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