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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'll bet the figure is higher

From AP-

SEOUL, South Korea - Seven out of 10 North Koreans are believed to have insufficient food, a South Korean aid group said Wednesday, citing the communist nation's distribution offices.

The impoverished country has relied on foreign food aid since the mid-1990s, when natural disasters and mismanagement devastated its economy and led to a famine estimated to have killed some 2 million people.

The Seoul-based Good Friends aid agency said there are concerns among midlevel North Korean officials that residents of cities who do not receive regular wages or rations and have no arable land could begin to starve, adding that farmers also have had food shortages since last month.

"Massive deaths caused by starvation do not occur, but malnutrition is worsening, resulting in some deaths," the group said in a regular newsletter.

It declined to give details of where it obtained the information. However, many of its previous reports of what was happening inside isolated North Korea have later been confirmed.
The famine in North Korea from 1994-98 is estimated to have killed 2-3 million people. As to the present food situation, I blogged about it here. There is no question, many more North Koreans are going to die of starvation because of the Juche policy in place by that Knucklehead in Pyongyang.

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