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Friday, January 06, 2006

Public schools win, children lose

The Florida State Supreme Court ruled yesterday that certain school vouchers were unconstitutional due to Florida. In a 5-2 decision, chief Justice Barbara wrote

[The Opportunity Scholarships Program] diverts public dollars into separate private systems parallel to and in competition with the free public schools that are the sole means set out in the Constitution for the state to provide for the education of Florida's children, This diversion not only reduces money available to the free schools, but also funds private schools that are not 'uniform' when compared with each other or the public system."...

Chief Justice Barbara J. Pariente, who wrote the court's majority ruling, said that private schools are not "uniform," partly because they are exempt from many requirements imposed on public schools, including standardized tests and teacher credentialing rules.

This Florida ruling effected 700 students who were previously in failing Florida public schools and allowed to get vouchers to go to private schools.

Not surprisingly the Palm Beach Post and Public teacher unions call this a victory.

The ruling was a victory for public schools across the state and nation, said Ron Meyer, lead attorney for a coalition that challenged the voucher program.

"Students using vouchers will now be welcomed back into Florida public schools," Meyer said in a statement. "It decides with finality that the voucher program is unconstitutional."

A victory for public schools and a loss for the children of Florida. And liberals call this a victory. Enough said, right?

Note- I was going to give the five Florida Supreme Court Justices the Knucklehead award today till something better came along. Don't worry these judges are going to get an award. Tomorrow.

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