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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Knucklehead of the Year award- MSM

The first Knucklehead of the year awards is back. Today's category is the MSM. Many bloggers myself included have a field day picking on the MSM. Their transgressions are both large and small and there rarely goes a week without some scandal occuring. At TFM I've left most MSM criticism to the more eloquent bloggers out there. I know the bias is there, but pointing it out has been done by others and in a much better writing style than my own. When I've criticized the MSM, its on a case by case basis, and most often the local media in Florida. The nominees in this category reflect that.

Read this post if you want an explanation of how I set up this year's awards. Our judging panel remains the same.

Jo at Jo's Cafe
Don Surber
John in Carolina
Greta aka Hooah Wife plus Yours Truly

Our six nominees are-

1- Evan Cohen
2- Helen Thomas
3- Washington Post Style writer Robin Givhan
4- Darlene Superville and her employer the Associated Press
5- Diana Griego Erwin
6- Palm Beach Post columnist George McEvoy

Again one Knucklehead got a majority of three votes. Single votes went to George McEvoy of whom Greta wrote- Duh - Bush is the Commander in Chief - he should speak in front of the soldiers

Veteran White House Correspondent Helen Thomas also got one vote.

The MSM Knucklehead of 2005 is..................................

Washington Post Style writer Robin Givhan!

Ms Givhan originally won the Knucklehead award on July 22nd for criticizing how the children of John Roberts were dressed when their father was announced as President Bush's nomination to the US Supreme Court. Apparently Givhan has never heard of dressing one's children in their Sunday best. This Knucklehead was a particular favorite of my dear wife.

John in Carolina wrote of Robin Givhan saying- Givhan can only do what she does because of The Washington Post which really deserves the award with Givhan accepting on its behalf. What do you think she would wear? I say let the Roberts kids choose her award ceremony outfit.

LOL John. This is a virtual awards ceremony so you get your wish. Ms. Givhan will be appropriately attired by the Roberts children.

Way to go Robin Givhan! You join Senator Richard Durbin, James Michael Tait, Halifax Calderdale Royal Hospital, five supreme court justices and MLB Pitcher Kenny Rogers as Knucklehead finalists of the year. Come back tomorrow to find out who our last finalist is. The Grand Knucklehead of 2005 will be announced on December 31st. Till next time.

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