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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Lt. Governor Jennings a no-go for Governor in 2006?

Florida Lt. Governor Toni Jennings still declines to say whether she'll be running for Governor next year according to the Florida Times Union.

Toni Jennings, Florida's first female lieutenant governor, has been silent for months on the GOP primary next year to succeed Gov. Jeb Bush, who is term-limited from seeking re-election next year. That has left Attorney General Charlie Crist and Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher to slug it out for the Republican nomination. Three Democrats, all men, also are seeking their party's nod for the general election.

But Jennings' silence has been a sideshow, and the late date means the race likely won't include the opportunity for Florida's first female governor. This spring, she told key GOP sources she won't run for the job, despite publicly claiming just the opposite and despite Bush's public compliments.

Since those mixed messages, Jennings has avoided the topic for months, supporters have been silent and political circles in Tallahassee have started spinning that her 29-year career will end with Bush's term. The lieutenant governor dodged inquiries again last week, and supporters said they are starting to share the general assumption of her non-candidacy.

"A lot of us have waited to hear what's going on, and you begin to wonder if the silence isn't a decision in itself," said Richard Gentry of the Florida Home Builders Association, a longtime Jennings supporter. "She would have made a wonderful governor."

I tend to agree with Mr. Gentry. Lt. Governor Jennings could make a fine Governor but it appears she don't want the job. It's really a shame but you can't force someone to run. I've got reservations about both Charlie Crist and Tom Gallagher the leading GOP candidates for Governor. However I'd vote for either of them over the Democratic field as it stands now. If you want to know why, read this post of mine.

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