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Monday, September 05, 2005

I'd have given her a Knucklehead award but......

But Faith Hill

Wearing her old ball cap, entertainer Faith Hill pulled into the American Red Cross headquarters Sunday in Gulfport, followed by three truckloads of relief supplies and escorted by a convoy of security.

Hill purchased the supplies, which she helped deliver to a Gulfport shelter Sunday afternoon.

Thank you Faith for your generosity. You're a humanitarian but.......

Kevin Titus, a Red Cross spokesman, told the Sun Herald that Hill did not want media attention, because she feared the event would appear too much like a "PR campaign," rather than a relief effort.

Hill was followed by her own camera crew and reporters, instead.

You're still a narcisstic self-absorbed celebrity. I just found this article amusing. Hat tip to Florida Cracker who thinks Faith has lost her common sense.

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