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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Co-Knucklehead of the Day award

One of our winners today is Democratic Congressman from Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie for his insulting attck on those opposed to the Akaka Bill. I've blogged on this legislation proposed by Hawaii Senator Daniel Akaka here, here, here, and here.

My views on this legislation hasn't changed. The objections I have remain to be-

1- What is the purpose of this legislation? The Hawaiian people have a government already.

2- Based on how poor life is for those living on Indian reservations, we don't need to be repeating that with Hawaii.

3- The cost. I'm not a member of Congress who feels throwing a billion dollars down the drain for no discernible purpose as a good use of taxpayer money. It's a waste of money.

But here we have a Honolulu Advertiser article chronicling the move by some in the House of Representatives who are questioning the legality of the bill. Congressman Abercrombie is quoted as saying.

"It's more of an academic exercise," he said. Given that most of Hawai'i's elected officials of various ideological stripes support it, "those raising the question, it seems to me, are on the extreme margins — rather obsessively I would think — on this issue."

Excuse me knucklehead congressman I'm no extremist. I'm married to an Asian-American. What I am is a citizen of this country who sees some vague legislation with a high cost and little purpose and I use my first ammendment right to oppose it. If you had any common sense Congressman Abercrombie you'd oppose it to instead of pandering to the false needs of your constituents. After all you've got a safe seat in Congress, why are you worried about re-election?

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