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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

NY Times Op-ed piece on the Akaka Bill

There is a piece written by Lawrence Downes in today's New York Times. It comes out in favor of the Akaka Bill that I've blogged about previously, here, here and here. My view on this legislation still hasn't changed. The Akaka bill sets up a separate government at what cost and for no apparent purpose except to apologize for events over a century ago. I still don't get why all the Democrats in the Senate feel we need this billl. They are going to vote lock step for it.

I'm only going to highlight one part of Mr. Downes' piece. He is in favor of the legislation by the way.

Much of what is now the responsibility of two state agencies, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, would become the purview of the new government.


There would be no cash reparations, no new entitlements, no land grabs and especially no Indian-style casinos, which are a hot topic in Hawaii, one of only two states that outlaw all gambling.

There is already a bureau(bureaucracy) for Hawaiians and there will be no funds given out to Hawaiians etc. So for heaven's sake, why do we need this legislation? I've written Senator Bill Nelson of Florida to tell him my opposition to the bill and ask why he supports it. I got the same vague generalities Senator Akaka is mouthing. I hope President Bush has the sense to veto this legislation.

Hat tip- Michelle Malkin

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