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Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Palm Beach Post will never get it

Just a snipit from a Post editorial from today.

That Iraqis must draft and adopt a constitution, followed by national elections, is a given. Gauging the capabilities of Iraqi recruits isn't so easy — particularly if the administration is trying to fudge it — though the number trained and equipped is the basic measure. The number of insurgent attacks also is telling. Horrific bombings like the one Wednesday that targeted Iraqi children receiving candy from U.S. troops should cost the insurgency local support. Fewer attacks would indicate that corner has been turned as well as improved police work.

The knuckleheads at the Post don't get it. These people who kill innocent children are Terrorists or Murderers NOT insurgents. Ask the parents of the dead children what they think of those responsible for this massacare? When will these nitwits in the press realize what we are facing and that we need to stomp out these vermin like the rats they are. Because one day it can happen here in Florida. Will you call them insurgents then Mr. Schultz? I DON'T THINK SO.

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