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Saturday, July 16, 2005

A golf weekend

The British Open is on today and tomorrow so I'll be watching it for about ten hours this weekend. Blogging therefore could be very slow. Today for instance I can't even find a good knucklehead.

Tiger Woods opens play today with a four-shot lead. Knowing Tiger's past track record, I think he will win in a rout. A couple of interesting notes.

1- At this moment John Daly who won the 95 British Open at St. Andrews has started birdie, birdie, birdie. He is -7 for the tournament and now tied for second. Oh would ABC be in heaven tomorrow if it came down to a Tiger vs Daly clash.

2- Colin Montgormerie played with Tiger on a Saturday in a major championship before. It was the 97 Masters where Tiger won his first major by 13 shots.

We'll just have to see what happens this weekend.

Note- Michelle Wie's dream to play in the Masters ended yesterday. I think she'll be turning pro by the end of next year. So she may only get one or two more opportunities to pull off that groundbreaking feat.

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