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Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Akaka Bill battle rages on

Almost a month ago I blogged about a bill that is before Congress that would set up a government for Hawaiians only. It's being sponsored by Democratic Senator Daniel Akaka from Hawail.

It's back in the news again in today's Honolulu Advertiser. Hawaiian Governor Linda Lingle is not happy with Arizona Rep. Senator Jon Kyl who opposes the legislation. The Governor says recent statements by Kyl are false.

Let me ask what is the purpose of this legislation. Is it to

1- Address injuries done to the Hawaiian People.

2- To create a separate Hawaiian only Govt.

3- Or both

Now lets ask, why is it necessary to address injuries suffered over 100 years ago now? Lets grant that injuries were inflicted. What specifically are you proposing to do. Have reparations be paid to every Hawaiian? What's that amount to be? Are we to pay every single person who has Hawaiian blood? Is it automatically assumed all Hawaiians were in some way injured or will someone make this determination?

I'm asking specific questions for a bill that seems to have a very vague purpose. The Hawaiian people exist, why does a bill have to be passed to recognize them.

My view on reparations for Hawaiians is the same as African-Americans. Nothing. What we have here is some pandering chimpanze like politicians and some people looking for a handout. Everyone would like to get a check from the govt. I'd love it, but I don't deserve and neither do these people.

Let me quote Sen. Akaka from the same Advertiser article

U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, the bill's chief sponsor, took to the Senate floor Tuesday to respond to the Fein articles placed in the Congressional Record.

"This bill is a step in the right direction for all people of Hawai'i because it provides a structured process that will allow us to finally resolve many of the long-standing issues resulting from the overthrow," Akaka said. "It is disturbing that opponents to the bill rely so heavily on mischaracterizations of the legislation to advocate their position."

"It greatly saddens me that the opponents to my bill feel the need to rewrite Hawai'i's history, as painful as it is for those of us who have lived it, in order to advocate their position. It is one thing to oppose my bill. It is quite another, however, to trivialize the history of Hawai'i."

Senator how is anyone re-writing Hawaiian history? Tell me, I am not and neither is Senator Kyl. No one is trivializing it either. We're just wondering why we're going to have to foot a bill for a Hawaiian Only govt, what its purpose is, Why its needed and how much it will cost. All fair questions.

As to a separate government for Hawaiians only. For what purpose? There is the State of Hawaii, they have a state govt. So Hawaiians can have casinos like many Indian tribes? Why don't the Governor just propose that legislation to her own legislature. Maybe because no one wants casinos?

Another government besides being unnecssary is going to be costly and for what purpose? Plus where do we go with this? Should will have a Govt for every Ethnic group or race in this country? All I see is more govt. jobs and patronage for pandering politicians Like Gov. Lingle and Sen. Akaka to dole out while the citizens foot the bill in higher taxes.

I suggest everyone write your Senators to put a stop to this idiotic legislation before it gets passed.

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