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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lorena Ochoa Superwoman

Golf World's Ron Sirak writes-

An indication of Ochoa's inconsistent play last year was the fact she was tenth on the money list, yet still won Player of the Year by a single point over Jiyai Shin.
That would be truly incredible in light of how Ochoa didn't win a major championship last year. The only problem- It isn't true.

Lorena Ochoa finished 4th on the 2009 LPGA money list. She is 10th on this year's money list.

Ron Sirak did a similar blunder with Juli Inkster last year. I can cite over a half dozen other cases in Sirak's writing. Getting simple golf stats or facts straight is too much for this golf writer on a regular basis.

I liked the column other than that. As for Ochoa who announced her retirement today, she was a class act. I liked her, she was humble where as Annika Sorenstam came off as arrogant on more than one occasion. Sorenstam was sometimes hypocritical and never liked being challenged, and was rather unsubtle when in those occurrences. Ochoa was more of a superstar than Sorenstam, when everything is weighed. IMHO.

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