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Saturday, April 17, 2010

What does AOL stand for?

I have had this internet service almost continuously for 15 plus years but the last few have been at no charge. AT&T is my high speed internet provider and AOL is my backup which I use by piggybacking onto AT&T.

Everytime I sign onto AOL a tip screen pops up. I ignore these 99.5 of the time but just a few days ago there was one that caught my attention.

Xdrive sounds like a wonderful service. Free online storage for all my important files. I have lots of those.

Only one problem. Xdrive was discontinued on January 12, 2009. My 48th birthday BTW,

AOL used to stand for American Online(or America Offline in those days when they first began offering unlimited internet access) but now I have another nomination for those letters. AOL- Absolutely Obsolete Link.

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