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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where's the dramamine? Chapter Twenty Five

Today's post could be titled- 'Blowing in the Wind'.

Another study in how two newspapers can get the facts completely different on what should be a simple story about a botched bank robbery. First we have the Sun-Sentinel's version.

MIRAMAR - Bank robbers abandoned a bag full of cash in the middle of the street after a dye pack exploded Thursday morning, sending police officers scrambling to recover the red-stained cash blowing in the breeze, said authorities.

"We've got a tropical storm warning and all this wind out here and these guys are chasing money up and down the street," said Bill Robertson, a Miramar Police spokesman.

It appears officers recovered most of the money, he said.
Now for the Miami Herald's version-

Three men robbed a Miramar bank Thursday but gained nothing from their daring except a drenching with red dye.

The armed men stormed the Bank of America at 7950 Miramar Pkwy. at about 10:30 a.m., ordering all employees and customers to hit the floor, said Miramar police spokesman Bill Robertson, who likened the raid to a ``hostile takeover.''

One of the robbers jumped the counter and began grabbing money from the drawers. Somehow the robbers grabbed a dye pack in the process.

The bank's armed guard did not confront the robbers but did get a good description of the men -- including their getaway car, a white Ford Crown Victoria.

The car was apparently heading down Tarpon Drive when the dye pack exploded. The men dumped the stained money, all of it, into the median in the 3100 block of Tarpon, about a quarter-mile from the bank.

All of the red-stained money was recovered, Robertson said.
So did the money blow in the wind and have police officers chasing after it or was all the money recovered? The facts are just as much up in the air as money is or was or could have been.

The funny thing is, both newspapers are quoting the same spokesman. Don't you just love the South Florida MSM.

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