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Thursday, November 01, 2007

It was torture

From Ynetnews-

An IDF soldier fled an interrogation room by exposing her breasts to a stunned officer.

The soldier was interrogated at the Biranit army base on the northern border after she refused to undergo a drugs test. A short while after her questioning began the soldier was seen walking out of the interrogation room and heading toward the main gate.

An officer at the base told her she was under arrest and demanded that she return to the interrogation room, at which point the soldier took her shirt off and told the officer: "Let's see if you can arrest me."

The soldier took advantage of the officer's momentary lack of concentration and quickly left the base. She was caught a short while later.

During a hearing at the military court in Jaffa the prosecutor demanded that the soldier, who was discharged from the army due to psychological disorders, receive jail time for her actions, but the judges ordered her to pay a NIS 1,000 ($250) fine
I don't know about you, but maybe the interrogator should be the one made to pay. He or she is the one who got flashed.(Cue the sarcastic laughter)

Hat tip- James Joyner at OTB who wonders 'Hamas and Hezbollah are going to incorporate this into their interrogation resistance training somehow.' Maybe Israel should videotaping their interrogations if they aren't already.

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